INdustrial Refrigeration examples

For all your industrial refrigeration needs, our team at Refrigeration Specialists Co. are here to help. The variety of projects we have tackled has allowed us to gain tremendous experience, making our team a prime choice for your next project. Whether it be a holding freezer or thermobank to controlled atmosphere rooms & condensing units, we provide terrific service for whatever needs you have. Take a look through the many projects we have completed to get a better idea of our work.

Large -20° C Pharmaceutical Warehouse

Maintaining ± 0.5° C with Alternating Redundant Kramer Thermobank Hot Gas Systems and Liquid Nitrogen Backup Coils in Case of Site Electrical Failure

Ultra-Low Temperature -40° C Stability Chambers

Using Water Cooled Kramer Thermobank Hot Gas Systems with Bitzer Two-Stage Compressors

Redundant Refrigeration Equipment

For a Large Automated, Mechanized Blood Sample Storage System Requiring Precise and Uniform Temperature Control

30,000 ft2 +4° C Cold Chamber

Maintaining ± 0.1° C with Redundant Russell Dual Circuit Condensing Units with High Profile Air Defrost Evaporators

Large Food Processing Facility

With Multiple Rooms Requiring Different Styles of Equipment such as:

  • Production Rooms with Wash Down Duty, Corrosion Resistant, Low Velocity Coils
  • Blast Freezer Cells with Low Temperature, High Velocity, High Static Pressure Coils
  • Holding Freezer/Cooler Warehouse with High Profile, Long Throw Evaporators in Electric or Hot Gas Defrost
  • Single or Dual Circuit Condensing Units Matched to the Evaporators to Provide Ideal Room Conditions

Kramer Thermobank Hot Gas Condensing Unit

For a Fish Processing Tunnel to Rapidly Freeze Fresh Fish from +70° F to 0° F in 30 Minutes

Controlled Atmosphere Rooms

Requiring Uniform and Stable Temperature Control for Long Term Storage of Apples, Cabbage, and Carrots with Russell High Sierra or Kramer Thermobank Hot Gas Systems

Beer Warehousing Facility

With Separate +35°F Keg Cooler and Dual Temperature +50°F – +60°F Case Cooler

Walk-In Coolers and Freezers

With Intricate Custom Layouts using Imperial Brown’s Unique Hybrid Panel Construction

Aerosys Through-the-Wall Condensing Units

And Aeropak Systems for Multi-Family Housing and Institutional Projects

Plus many more!

Please contact us so we can select the right equipment to meet your project’s requirements.